Double-tapping North Korea

There’s nothing like an AP photographer Instagramming life in North Korea to make your countless #selfies and #foodstagrams feel even more superficial.

Thanks to David Guttenfelder, the hermit country is a little less isolated with his snaps that go beyond nuclear weapons and the DMZ. There are photos of commuters and a playground, and of course, there’s Dennis Rodman. (He captured a pic of Rodman before he arrived for his first North Korean visit).

As Wired explains, “In January it allowed foreigners to carry phones; in February it activated a 3G network for visitors. As the AP’s chief photographer for Asia, Guttenfelder now sends out images from the Pyongyang bureau and posts daily to Instagram. In a country without the Internet, a reporter with social media is king.”

What a king he is.

Guttenfelder has made the country more accessible, allowing the country not just to be confined to the international section of newspapers and the framing of cable news’ talking heads.

Yes, North Korean life is what we’ve come to expect with Instagrams of militarism and a farmer towing a wagon (with user @jasminepahl offering the best comment: “Quite a different life for this housewife of Orang county.”). But life there also is about water parks and bowling (though probably not for any farmers).

Mundanity has never been so intriguing.

And of course, Guttenfelder wouldn’t be a true Instagrammer without posting some cliche (or classic?) shots with a North Korean twist.

Food? Check

Throwback Thursday? Check

Mirror selfie? Check

Funeral shot? (remember when those dominated headlines?) Check

Instagram’s founders had set out to make the world “more connected through photos.” Guttenfelder has definitely done that.

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